McGinnis Wood Products

Wine, Bourbon and Whiskey Barrels in Cuba, MO.

McGinnis Wood Products, Inc. is a family owned cooperage and stave mill that provides innovation, quality products, and traditional values of service to each of its customers.

Leroy McGinnis founded McGinnis Wood Products in Cuba, Missouri in 1968.  He started with a stave mill, producing staves and heading to sell to cooperages.  Over the past 51 years, MWP has grown into a manufacturer of one of the finest crafted white oak barrels in the world.  MWP began building barrels in 1987.  After multiple tests, MWP established a drying process that makes their barrels stand out in the industry.  MWP now has one of the largest inventories of airdried staves and heading.  With 5 manufacturing buildings in Cuba, Mo.  They range from 8,000 to 45,000 square ft. of space.  8 dry kilns and 200 dedicated employees.  Our offsite facility has 2 manufacturing buildings employing 35 dedicated employees. 

McGinnis Wood Products is known worldwide for our quality white oak barrels.  The barrels that we produce are prized both domestically and internationally providing unique flavors created for spirits, wine, and whiskey.

Leroy McGinnis has passed his knowledge down to his family.  They take great pride in this business. McGinnis Wood Products is a true family-owned operation, built upon strong traditional family values, customer relationships, community investment and the value of education.  

McGinnis Wood Products is a true family-owned company, with Leroy sharing his knowledge with his family and employees.  The values of the business are built on employee retention, investment in employees, community involvement and the value of education.  McGinnis Wood Products takes pride in their commitment to excellence and hard work, providing a quality product to our customer’s.

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McGinnis Wood Products Promotes a Green Lifestyle

Environmental sustainability, waste reduction and recycling are fundamental practices at McGinnis Wood Products, and have been since the 1970s.  There is nothing that goes to waste. All of our off fall has a purpose. Green sawdust is used to fire our boiler system, generating steam for our steam tunnel and heat for our eight dry kilns. This saves thousands of gallons of diesel each year.  Other companies use our remaining wood chips and sawdust as raw materials for their products.  McGinnis Wood Products is a member of the Missouri Forest Products Association, whose mission is to encourage wise use and conservation of our natural resources.

McGinnis Wood Products makes barrels for some of the country’s top-selling bourbons. McGinnis also ships barrels to Japan, Spain, Scotland and other locales worldwide.

Wine, Bourbon and Whiskey Barrels in Cuba, MO